Patricia Yellow tube MDS 2012 - Journey To Bivouac

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MDS 2012 - Journey To Bivouac

1) Raid local gun stores with family and SOME local friends 2) Ride down to a Sams Club and purge the facility, and securing it for ourselves. Locking it down. This gives us tons of food and other resources. 3) Once Step 2 is complete, a Uhaul center will be raided, and these trucks will be used to secure resources from local gun stores, gas stations, Jolene stores and other grocery stores. Canned food, water, generators, guns/ammo, and gas will be priorities. Banks (rivals could hide there), gun stores (what we couldn't get out), or anything with high security or resources that can be used against me, will be burned down. 4) Return to Sams Club, lock it down, and keep snipers on the roof. Only the strong will survive!



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